Benefits to Retailers / Vendors

1. A platform to connect with client community along with their rivals and business counter parts to award and reward them on each purchase.

2. A card less and web-based portal drives the loyalty programme in an efficient manner.

3. Acts as a selfless intermediary to boost retailers business.

4. Vendors will be able to view the data of customers, their spending movements, volume of purchase, percentage of repetition, loyalty etc in the dashboard provided.

5. Enables to approach each and every individual customers to send customized offers and messages.

6. Tailor-made combo offers integrates vendors of different industries thus provides an opportunity for business integration in the future.

7. Customers might use the app at all time as vendors in the network of insta-redeem award and redeem of points instantly.

8. A minimal investment with maximum ROI as it replaces costly swipe cards and related expenses for printing, promotion etc.,

9. Insta-redeems’ proposed deals with various service providers across the nation will maximize rewards for customers as they travel to different cities eventually.

10. Alternative feature of claiming rewards by customers during festive season will give an edge to the retailers to focus on their business.

Benefits to Customers

1. Enables to check the volume of spending at each shop, total spending, rewards earned, redeemed and balance real time.

2. Any Deals and Offers of our retailers will be notified through the mobile app in hand.

3. Smart redemption through smart mobile app.

4. Hassle free smart app replaces multiple loyalty cards / loyalty apps of all retailers.

5. A completely cost-free app and no hidden charges.

6. Consolidated points network keeps track of all their points to claim discounts through mobile app.

7. Availing combo offers will give twin benefits as discounts from two or more retailers and recurring points for that spending.

8. Earn points when you spend, redeem on your next purchase but still you earn points while redeeming.

9. May start to earn and redeem points across nation when our retailer network boundary gets expanded.

10. Insta-redeem app assures a solid savings round the year.